Business Overview

True Data is a big data platform built on the ever-growing volume of consumer purchasing data.
We provide retailers, consumer goods manufacturers, and businesses from across industries with effective data solutions in a time of digital transformation. Our data helps organizations in everything from understanding their customers and product development, to sales promotion, advertising, and production/inventory management.

Our Strengths

True Data is a one-stop shop for data and technology, we well as the necessary expertise in their application. We help businesses to realize truly effective use of data.

  • One of Japan’s largest platforms
    for ID-POS data

    We handle annual the purchasing data of 60 million active members of points-based or other retail programs, as well as the purchasing data from a 4.5-trillion-yen per year retail industry.

  • High-performance

    We leverage a global, best-in-class cloud platform combined with advanced technology including AI and machine learning to provide the optimal solutions to our customers.

  • Exhaustive expertise cultivated
    in the field

    We offer our unique expertise in the form of research and training, and accompany our clients in implementing data for use in the field.

Solutions for consumer goods manufacturers

Through one of Japan’s largest consumer goods purchasing information platforms, we provide support for the unique analysis afforded by ID-POS for purposes including product development, marketing strategy, advertising and promotion, sales planning, and in-store sales promotions.


Solutions for the retail industry

Based on more than 20 years of experience supporting the retail industry, we are strong proponent of “retail digital transformation,” i.e. helping businesses realize the kinds of services and products their customers need through a marketing platform built around ID-POS.


Solutions for all industries

By combining one of the largest volumes of ID-POS data and a diverse range of big data, we can offer solutions for a variety of purposes. For example, we can deliver marketing data related to consumers’ daily lives and the optimization of promotional materials using AI. In addition, we have made access to national purchasing data available to all free of charge via our URECON website.